Philadelphia Street Lighting Project

Philly’s new energy-saving LED streetlights may reduce crime and fatal crashes. But what about light pollution?

Philadelphia is installing 130,000 LED street lights. Here’s how the upgrades will affect crime, traffic safety, light pollution, and more.

Easton-Phillipsburg Bridge Gets a New Look

Easton, Phillipsburg celebrate completion of free bridge rehab with ceremonial rededication, lighting.

NECA Penn-Del- Jersey Awards

With great honor Carr & Duff receives 3 Project Excellence Awards from NECA Penn-Del-Jersey.

Field Light Repairs for the Olney Eagles

After vandals stole the copper wiring from the field lights at Olney Field, Carr & Duff – with the help from Jaws’ Youth PlayBook and IBEW98 – was there to get the lights back on!

Construction now underway to improve streetlights throughout Philadelphia

It’s being called the single largest energy conservation project the city has ever undertaken.

IMB Partners Leads a Strategic Growth Investment into Carr & Duff

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE IMB Partners Leads a Strategic Growth Investment Into Carr & Duff. IMB Partners and Carr & Duff will partner to support the next phase of the company’s growth…