Safety Values & Policy

Safety First is one of our Core Values. When we say “Safety”, it is a term used and applied to people, property, and the environment.

The health and safety of our employees is of paramount importance. It is our goal to provide a safe working environment and to have the work performed in the safest manner possible, consistent with today’s industry standards.

We are also committed to not harming the environment and being energy and resource conscience as a foundation of sustainability.

Every employee of Carr & Duff has a responsibility to work safely.

Management is fully committed to direct and support our supervisors, foreman, and employees regarding safety and health issues.

Our supervisors are directly responsible and accountable for training workers and have authority to enforce safe work procedures and practices on the job. Our supervisors are given our safety rules and will not permit safety to be sacrificed for any reason.


Safety Manual

As mentioned, our goal is to provide every employee with a safe working environment. To help achieve this, we distribute The Carr and Duff Safety Manual containing rules, regulations, and best practices to guide all employees in the performance of their jobs. This manual is reviewed and updated annually.

For our company to be successful, everyone must play an active role. Policies and procedures are written, but moments do arise that require situational awareness and fieldwork practices.