Substation Construction

With experience in all aspects of both air and gas insulated substations, Carr and Duff has the expertise to assemble, install, and maintain all substation equipment.

We can upgrade and retrofit existing facilities or install state-of-the-art equipment at new facilities.

To extend the life of electrical apparatus, we will conduct protective device coordination studies to ensure that sophisticated and costly equipment is protected.

  • Apparatus Installation, Maintenance & Testing
  • Buswork Installations, Upgrades & Demolition
  • Control Panel Fabrication, Installation & Wiring
  • Project & Construction Management
  • Programmable Logic Controller Installation
  • Substation Construction, Rebuilds & Upgrades up to 138 kV
  • Switchgear Maintenance, Replacement & Testing
  • Transformer Retro-Fit Retro-Fill Services