The Olney Eagles youth football team is back in action, after donors and volunteers stepped up to repair damaged lights at the team’s home field.

Earlier this month, thieves tore copper wiring out of the lights at the association’s Whitaker Avenue field, forcing the cancellation of games and practices for the players and cheerleaders.

Democratic mayoral candidate Cherelle Parker heard about the theft and helped get the ball rolling with a fundraising campaign. “If we are unwilling to prioritize our children, what does that say about us as leaders in the community?” she asked.

The response was immediate.

City businesses, organizations, and others helped fund the repairs, which were estimated at $55,000, and the response was immediate. The lights came back on Thursday, and the Eagles were able to play their Homecoming games this past weekend.

“Throughout my career, I have taken immense pride in my ability to bring people together to solve complex challenges and improve the lives of Philadelphians,” Cherelle Parker said. “When I got the call from Coach Hunley saying that our kids’ season was on the line, I didn’t hesitate to offer my help.”…

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