Bridge Inspector Truck

Various units are available for under bridge inspections, and specialized units are available for suspension bridges and tight locations. Trucks allow for inspections and bridge 60’ under reach, including under bridges. Small portable units are available as well. Call and ask today!

Pressure Digger

Pressure Diggers are ideal machines for production digging. Units are available to dig down 40’ and turn 72” auger.

Bucket Truck

Carr & Duff offers a complete line of aerial units for the electric utility, telecommunications, tree care, construction, and lights and signs markets. Through innovation and customer solutions, our equipment provides you with exactly what you need to get your job done. Whether it’s on the line with an insulating or non-insulating aerial device, telescopic or telescopic articulating, and overcenter or non-overcenter, our trucks will meet your every need. Buckets are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 28’- 210’ feet. Units are equipped with material handlers, and are dielectric tested.

Condor 150-I

Our Condor is equipped with an insulated, elevating, and rotating aerial work platform. It is a single man cab with air conditioning. Equipped with rear, and dual front steering axles, and has a Deutz water-cooled deck engine. As well as a Cummings M11 400E diesel engine with engine brakes, and an Eaton Fuller CEEMAT 9 speed automatic transmission. We have: 150-1, 170’, 210’.

Digger / Derrick

Carr & Duff. offer’s a variety of Digger Derricks, and most are equipped with rail gear. Augers are available from 8” to 48”; up to 60’ sheave height.

Dump Truck

Trucks are available in size from 2yds to 15yds, and we have hi rail dump trucks that are rotary dumps for rail use (rail equipment is included). Available truck sizes range from 2 yards to Tri axle.


Telescopic boom truck cranes are available with sheave heights ranging from 80 to 207 feet (24.4 m to 63.1 m) and load ratings from 18 to 45 ton (16.3 t to 40.8 t). These truck mounted cranes can be used for multiple work applications, such as electric line maintenance and construction, transmission and distribution, tree trimming and other related uses. Hydraulic cranes are available up to 32 tons and have approximately 170ft of boom. Most cranes are equipped with remote controls and baskets. Call today for more information!


Use an Elliot Truck, and minimize your working footprint by using less parking space at your customer’s business. Our Elliot trucks range from 36’ to 85” feet, so you can steer clear of daily traffic. Out and Down Outriggers provide “short jacking” capability on the opposite side of work operations in confined areas with interlocks to protect against boom rotation to the short jacked side. Engineered with side reaches up to 59 feet for tons of set up flexibility.

Flat Beds

Various sizes are available starting at 12ft up to 24ft. Some flat beds are equipped with knuckle booms and rail gear.

Knuckle Boom with Rail Gear

We have both telescoping and articulating (knuckle boom) cranes. Telescopic and articulating cranes offer strategic advantages based on their intended use. Various sizes are available weighing from 1320lbs to 14,330lbs with a reach of 5ft to 43ft. Booms with rail gear are also available.

Pick Up Trucks

Multiple trucks are available for rent. Hi rail trucks, some with lift gates, and 6 man pickups are a few we offer. Ranging from 150, 250 and 350 pick up or utility bodies. 2 and 4 wheel drive is available in all pick up trucks.

Railroad Equipped Trucks

Over 40 units equipped with rail gear including bucket trucks, Elliott booms, digger/derricks, hydraulic cranes, rotary dumps, platform trucks, knuckle booms, flat beds, bridge inspection units, pressure diggers. Also available are small locomotive and various rail carts up to 20ton capacity. We can install rail gear on any vehicle.

Reel Carrier / Winder

Our lineup of Reel Carrier trucks and Power Reel trailers are equipped to get the job done. Some are equipped with a large winch, and are capable to store, power, and power off reels. Single and double drive units are able to accommodate up to 108” reel. We also have 3 Altec LP108 trailers. Both chassis mounted and trailer mounted configurations, with payload capacities ranging from 8,000 to 16,000lbs.

Reel Trailer and Puller

Various single and multi-reel units are available. They are expandable to carry any size reel up to 50,000lbs. 2 rope pullers, reel trailers up to 86” wide, and 130” in diameter. Pulling trucks reach 1000’ of 1” rope.


The Rodder- Puller is designed to rod, clean conduit, and place cable in one operation. Ok Champion Rodder/ Puller and other rodders are available to mechanically rod and clean underground conduit and place up to 6’ diameter cable in a single operation. There is up to 2000’ft of rod available. 6,600 and 990 units are available. The Rodder-Pullers have the capacity of pushing in excess of 1000’ without rotation in clear conduit. If extreme length or obstructions are encountered, the rod can be rotated for maximum effectiveness. Rod travel speed is independent of rotation and in many cases a certain amount of rotation is desired regardless of duct condition.

Cable Chair Rollers

Cable Chair Rollers – 30 available . Adjustable legs to fit onto tray width sizes of 12″ to 36″. 4 conveyer roller guide with 2 retained spring pull-pin release to easily remove cable from both sides. Closed conveyer roller guide that traps cable within guide without damaging cable jacket. six foot long durable retractable ratchet strap for sturdy assembly onto tray. Easily handle forces of up to 200lbs.

Cable Feeding Sheaves

Cable Feeding Sheaves- Cable Feeding Sheaves plug into conduit in manhole wall, guides cable safety into the conduit regardless of the pulling angle. 2in- 6in sizes available.

Cable Lasher

Cable Lasher- Cable Lashers have the capacity to meet large diameter lashing requirements, the durability to lash in almost any condition and the reliability to minimize downtime. They are lightweight and easy to use, switches easily from bare strand lashing to over-lashing and can facilitate single or double lashing.

Conductor Stringing Blocks

These blocks have become the industry standard. We have 20” through 28” available. Made with high strength aluminum alloy frame for extreme lightness, but designed to take lads required for tension stringing. Extra large throat for reconstructing when the old conductor is used as a pulling line. Head pin is positive locking but when rotated 90 degrees, opens easily.

Corner Cable Guide

Corner Cable Guides-Aluminum sheaves for pulling cable into manholes. 5,000lbs cable tension load capacity.

Fiber Optic Pulling Wheels

Fiber Optic Cable Guides- These are an ideal solution to mid- point cable pulling situations. Various sizes are available.

Pulling Wheels

Pulling Wheels- 12in- 24in available. Cable pulling wheels have strong welded steel frames, and all three sheaves are aluminum alloy with self-lubricating bearings.

Spider Systems

Spider System- The controller can be mounted on wood poles with a simple lag screw or on non- wood poles with the adjustable chain tightener. Spider Storage Reels are designed for 3,000ft maximum. The maximum line tension is not to exceed 300 pounds.

Three Shift Block

Three Shift Block- Heavy duty blocks are used to simultaneously support two, three, or four cables prior to lashing to a supporting suspension strand. Various sizes are available.

3 Sheave Cable Guide

3 Sheave Cable Guide-With a pulling radius of 24” the cable guide sits on manhole edge, suspended in manhole, or fit the jamb skid. This cable can hole a 10,000lbs cable tension load capacity.