Temple Health – Jeanes Hospital Substation

Project Overview

Working with our General Contractor, Carr & Duff constructed a new substation building adjacent to existing power distribution equipment. Due to property boundaries, a compact building design was required which resulted in the need for a customized front access only switchgear line up. C&D crews excavated and installed new incoming primary service duct banks and primary service conductors, replaced the existing 15kv switchgear line up, which consisted of two main feeder breakers, a main-tie-main configuration on the incoming services with automatic transfer, PECO metering cabinets and 11 feeder breakers to furnish power to the existing 13.2kv hospital loads.

C&D also installed two 2000kva outdoor transformers for the installation of a 5kv switchgear line up on the second floor of the new building that allowed C&D to accommodate hospital loads requiring 4160 voltage. Both systems are PLC/HMI programmed for safe, remote monitoring.

Due to the constraints of the building, C&D expertly rigged both the 15kv and 5kv switchgear and equipment into the new substation through the building’s roof.

In order to change out the new switchgear it was necessary to work with the hospitals engineers to establish a sequence of operations such that we transfer all loads to a single service and replace one service at a time to keep the hospital continuously operational and minimize the time of exposure to possible outages.