Philadelphia International Airport – AT&T Small Cell Installations

Best Sound & Communications Project


Carr & Duff was selected as the electrical contractor for the installation of seven AT&T 4G LTE small cellular site builds at the Philadelphia International Airport in Tinicum Township and Philadelphia, PA.

For this electrical and communications project, C&D furnishing and installed all required power, coaxial, and fiber optic materials and equipment to complete the installations across the airport terminals, including Terminal A-West, Terminal A, Terminal B, Terminal D, and Terminal F. C&D furnished ‘stealth’ installations at four site locations. Carr & Duff constructed cellular antennas within ceiling-mounted crosswalk sign structures. These sign structures were carefully constructed using non-conductive materials and specialized paint to eliminate potential service interference.

At Terminal F, we constructed a new small site build using an existing roadway light pole on South Commercial Vehicles Road. We had to install new underground conduits for power and fiber optic cabling between the site location and the Terminal F electrical room to accomplish this. This involved meticulous planning and coordination with several PIA departments and the Department of Aviation (DOA) to minimize roadway disruptions.

At Terminal A-West, C&D installed two small sites in the public areas of the terminal. We painted the cellular antenna and equipment cabinet to match existing surfaces with PIM-rated painting to eliminate any potential service interference.

Our crews primarily worked during the night to ensure minimal disruptions to airport operations and passenger traffic. This was particularly crucial at Terminals A-West and F, where we had to access secured areas for power and FOC connections.

Carr & Duff played a significant role in the design-assist aspects of the project, re-engineering power centers for three of the site locations to help reduce outages and schedule impacts. We were also tasked with investigating existing raceways to install a new fiber backbone connecting the sites to the network. The team successfully installed a new 24-strand single-mode FOC between the Marriot HUB and PIA HUB through active conduits and junction boxes, all without causing any network outages or disruptions.
The project started in February 2022 and was completed in July 2022 following thorough system testing and commissioning. Despite the challenges of working in passenger loading and secured access areas, C&D delivered the project on time and on budget.

This project holds significant importance as it marks the delivery of AT&T’s first small cell build at the Philadelphia International Airport and showcases our capabilities in handling complex installations.

We greatly appreciate the NECA Project Excellence Committee’s time and effort in considering our project entry for this year’s competition.