Philadelphia Red Light Camera Systems Upgrade

Best Street Lighting/Traffic Signal Project


Carr & Duff, LLC was the electrical contractor for the red-light camera systems upgrade throughout the city of Philadelphia.

This Award Winning Project involved the installation of 72 new camera upgrades, necessitating the removal of existing equipment and the assembly and installation of new poles and camera equipment.

The success of this project was predicated on precise planning and organization, chiefly due to the stringent two-month construction schedule mandated by the Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA). Given the PPA’s urgency to minimize system downtime for violations, swift completion by Carr & Duff was paramount to the project.

In 2022, a staggering 265,000 tickets were issued by the PPA for red light violations in the city. These tickets serve as vital funding for future traffic safety projects and contribute significantly to enhancing street safety for pedestrians and motorists. These factors underscored the critical need for the project to be completed as quickly as possible.

Precise organization and planning encompassed various critical elements to facilitate a successful project. This included daily camera builds prepared for deployment the following day, swift equipment turnaround to ensure continuous vehicle usage, and ongoing communication with the customer to maintain the project schedule.

It’s worth noting that the project encountered a brief pause around the midpoint when our teams were called upon to assist in restoring power in Florida in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. Nevertheless, thanks to our employees’ unwavering dedication, determination, and willingness to work overtime, no ground was lost, and the project was completed a week ahead of schedule.