Parx Casino EV Charging Station

Best Energy Solutions/Green Energy Project

Carr & Duff, LLC was contracted to install 24 EV Chargers capable of providing 50A of power on 12 pedestals and foundations including backbone power distribution.

This Award Winning Project included the installation of two 225A 120/208V Three Phase Panels and a 600A 120/208V Three Phase Panel with 150KVA step down transformer including feeders from existing distribution panel circuit breakers.



Each of the twelve pedestals required a 100A dedicated circuit (4 per panel).  The customer side consisted of eight chargers approximately 400’ to the furthest unit.  To avoid destruction of landscaping a 200’ bore shot of 3-3” HDPE conduits extended from electrical room to in ground junction boxes.  From there, Carr &Duff Vermeer cut the parking lot and installed 8 – 1 1/2” conduits, 1 per pedestal. Accounting for voltage drop, dedicated #1 CU THHN was run to each pedestal and then spliced to each charger.

The owner/employee side consisted of 4 chargers approximately 500’ to the furthest unit.  The feeders ran approximately 200’ via 3” EMT through the basement mechanical space, and then punched through a retaining wall, and traveled another 300’ via underground ductbank to an in-ground box, where each pedestal received a 1 ½” PVC conduit and 2/0 CU THHN to account for voltage drop. Parx requested that the project be complete by end of year when awarded in November.  Carr & Duff completed the project under budget and in a shorter time frame, completing the work by the 2nd week in December.