Jordan Creek Greenway Trail

Project Overview

This project consisted of both lighting and pedestrian improvements along a stretch of greenway trail that was to be renovated and extended connecting Jordan park on the outer edge of Allentown directly to center city without the need for motorized transportation.

The majority of the project included adding (81) decorative pedestrian light poles along the 17 mile trail. (32,000) feet of #8 wire was pulled through 2” PVC ducts to supply power from 5 separate service points. In addition to the trail lighting, (13) roadway luminaires were retrofitted for new LED luminaires and (19) additional LED luminaires were added along the roadway in locations where pedestrians will be diverted to traveling along the sidewalk to continue along the trail.


Telensa wireless streetlight controller photocells were installed on all light fixtures (115) on this project. These photocells connect with the city’s existing lighting control system which maps out each individual fixture allowing for real time status updates and control.


The trail has (2) locations that require pedestrians utilizing the trail to cross highly trafficked roadways requiring rectangular flashing beacon systems to be installed on mast arm structures. These locations has push buttons on either side of the roadway to allow pedestrians to actuate the flashing beacons and alert vehicular traffic of the pedestrian crosswalk which is also indicated with multiple pole, post, and overhead mounted signs.