Chestnut Hill LED Lighting Upgrades

Best Energy Solutions/Green Energy Project


Carr & Duff, LLC was the electrical contractor on this lighting upgrade project for the City of Philadelphia.

This Award Winning Project transformed street and pedestrian lighting in Chestnut Hill and the adjacent neighborhoods, significantly enhancing energy efficiency.

The project commenced with LED streetlights retrofitting. Two crews comprising of two lineworkers went up and down the Avenue, replacing the existing high-pressure sodium luminaires with state-of-the-art LED fixtures. Precise planning and coordination on active city streets were required to ensure the uninterrupted flow of traffic and a secure working environment for our crews. Daily adjustments in traffic management and safety protocols were seamlessly implemented as each light underwent an upgrade. Five hundred new roadway luminaires were installed, dramatically brightening streets and providing safer and more energy-efficient lighting in the Chestnut Hill community.

Carr & Duff undertook the additional responsibility of enhancing pedestrian lighting along the Germantown Avenue corridor, which stretches from Mermaid Lane to Rex Avenue. This undertaking encompassed installing 110 new decorative light poles and heads replacing outdated lighting infrastructure. All 110 poles were meticulously constructed and assembled at our prefabrication facility and transported daily to each site for installation by our crews. In the midst of constant foot and vehicular traffic along this corridor, Carr & Duff safely carried out the lighting upgrade without a single incident while also maintaining traffic flow. In addition, we maintained continuous dialogue with the local business association to minimize disruptions and guarantee unimpeded access to storefronts. This approach ensured smooth traffic flow and undisrupted access to local businesses.

It is worth noting that the LED luminaires are equipped with photocells for efficient control and can integrate programmable cells in the future. This feature allows for adjustments in light levels, controlled by the City of Philadelphia Department of Streets.

This project exemplifies Carr & Duff’s unwavering dedication to excellence in lighting infrastructure upgrades, contributing to the vibrancy and safety of our communities.