500 Walnut

Project Overview

Carr & Duff completed the power distribution system for a new mixed-use 26-story building and mechanical penthouse, consisting of luxury condominiums, retail space and a fully automated parking facility at 500 Walnut Street.

Carr & Duff provided temporary power for the tower crane, manpower hoist and material hoist during construction, as well as removed and then re-installed new street lighting around the condominium.

Carr & Duff was responsible for the new PECO service to the building, which included a new underground duct bank and manhole as well as all 15kv switches, transformers, switchgear and a complete submetering system. Additionally, Carr & Duff installed a new bus duct riser system, 400kw diesel generator, ATS switches, switchboards, MDP and branch panels, distribution dry-type transformers, as well as low voltage conduit and wiring. Carr & Duff also installed new underground make-ready conduits for fiber optic and communication carriers to service the building.