SEPTA Crum Creek Viaduct Replacement (2016)

This project was a design and built contract to replace an existing steel girder railroad bridge with a new concrete railroad bridge. Carr & Duff, Inc. was responsible for the electrical demolition and installation. Prior to the demolition of the existing railroad bridge, we had to remove all of the overhead cables. This included over two miles of high voltage feeder cable, both power and signal, aerial signal, communication and messenger cables. We removed two tracks of overhead catenary cables and support hardware, each track was a mile long. We installed 6,000 feet of 4” galvanized rigid steel conduit and 1,400 feet of 6” galvanized rigid steel, after the new bridge was moved into place. These conduits are supported from the underside of the bridge a hundred feet above the Crum Creek. New aerial high voltage power and signal cables were installed to replace the cable that were removed. Signal and communication cables were install both aerial and in the new conduits for a distance of two thousand five hundred feet. We installed catenary support steel and insulator on both tracks for SEPTA to install the two miles of catenary conductors we supplied. Grounding of the structure and the conduits required two one hundred and twenty five-foot lifts. We also install temporary high voltage feeder from Swarthmore College to the construction site. The feeder was one thousand eight hundred long. It was removed at the end of the project. Due to the track restrictions and a limited track outage period, crew had to work twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The project was completed on time.