PA Turnpike Advanced ITS Deployment for the I-276/I-95 Interchange Project (2014)

Carr & Duff, Inc., furnished all labor, material, equipment and supervision required to install eight (8) Electronic Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) and two (2) Closed Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV) in advance of the construction for the I-276/I-95 Interchange Project in order for the Turnpike to monitor and direct traffic remotely along that section of the Turnpike as well as the pre-entry points (existing interchanges) access roads. The work included installing caisson concrete foundations and spread footer foundations for the DMS’s and CCTV’s along with the steel support for the DMS’s and steel poles with lowering devices for the CCTV’s. Power was obtained locally from the Utility for each device. Communications were obtained via wireless connections for the devices along the Turnpike and via PennDOT fiber optic cables for the pre-entry access road devices. All devices were tested locally and through the system network successfully. Devices also went through a 60 Day Test (burn-in) successfully. Upon completion of the 60 Day Test the devices were maintained for a six (6) months period, which completed the project.