Emergency Service

Carr & Duff offers emergency service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our expansive inventory of replacement parts and service equipment helps ensure that we can respond to any emergency with the necessary resources.

Emergency Service


We will be on-site within hours after you call to provide emergency restoration service. Despite whatever type of electrical failure you have experienced and regardless of what caused it – Carr & Duff can respond and resolve your electrical issue.

We maintain a large inventory of parts and equipment to restore your service, including a variety of transformers, switches, circuit breakers, substations, switchgear, power cable and much more. We also carry a fleet of various sized generators between 100kw and 1.5MW in stock and can provide emergency generator power services when necessary.

Pole Line Repairs

Carr & Duff provides emergency pole service and maintenance. Pole maintenance can save you money by reducing unnecessary replacement costs and by adding many additional years of durable service life to your utility pole.

Pole Line Repairs


Carr & Duff provides pole line repairs for applications such as services, network cabling and lighting applications. We have a variety of class and size wood poles as well as fiberglass, steel and composite material poles in stock, readily available for any repair need.

We also install temporary poles and electric services for construction sites.

Additional information regarding customer owned wood pole maintenance can be found here: [View PDF]

Storm & Disaster Response

Carr & Duff specializes in providing manpower and equipment for storm and disaster recovery. Our trained linemen have provided service up and down the East Coast, Southeast and Midwest restoring power after outages caused by natural disasters.

Storm & Disaster Response

Carr & Duff is committed to helping communities and utilities rebuild and restore power as quickly as possible. Our emergency response crews are ready to respond 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Latest Safety News

Winslow Elementary School Storm Response

Winter 2017 was not as severe as winters past on the east coast but we still had our fair share of storms. Being well equipped with the equipment and manpower to get the job done is what makes us stand out during destructive storms. Our expertise was needed in upstate...

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Our Recent Safety Committee Discussions

Carr & Duff utilizes a Safety Committee made up of field and office personnel. The committee meets monthly to discuss and review issues or items that need to be addressed within the company. The committee is empowered to facilitate change when warranted to further...

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Philadelphia’s YouthBuilds Charter School

On November 16th, 2016 Carr & Duff’s Safety Department taught an “Electrical Safety in Construction” course at Philadelphia’s YouthBuilds Charter School. Carr & Duff’s Safety Director, Wayne Sottung taught the interested students about the importance of Safety...

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Recent Projects

Delivery Center (2020)

Carr & Duff was the electrical contractor for a fast track new 170,000sq/ft delivery center...

30th Street Station Passenger Information Display System (2020)

GBCA/NECA PDJ Award Winning Project Carr & Duff was selected as the prime contractor for the...

Citizens Bank Park Perimeter Hardening Project (2019)

Carr & Duff installed new electrical equipment and circuits for the exterior site security...

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