SEPTA Norristown Substation (2012)

The SEPTA Norristown Substation Rehabilitation Project consisted of the phased replacement and upgrade of a traction power substation including replacement of two oil filled 25 Hz Single Phase 3 MVA Autotransformers, 36kV Primary and Secondary Oil Filled Circuit Breakers, and a Relay Control System installed and placed into revenue service in the mid 1930’s. We replaced the system in two phases in order to maintain service to the rail system for the duration of the project work. The replacement work included the complete demolition and removal of the existing autotransformers, switches, foundations, and aerial bus work and the installation of new equipment foundations, new 25 Hz Single Phase 5 MVA Autotransformers, 36kV Primary and Secondary Air Break Switches, reconfiguration and replacement of aerial bus work to accommodate the upgraded equipment, as well as the installation of a fully electronic relay control system. The new system is capable of being controlled locally or via the SEPTA SCADA system.