Our Safety Policy

Safety is an attitude that is learned through proper work practices, management participation, positive reinforcement and training. At Carr & Duff, Inc. the safety of our employees is of paramount importance. It is our goal to provide a safe working environment for our employees, and to perform work in the safest manner possible consistent with today's industry standards.

Our safety policy is based on a philosophy that states:

Every employee of Carr & Duff, Inc. has a responsibility to work safely. Management is fully committed to direct and support our supervisors, foremen and employees regarding safety and health issues. Our supervisors are directly responsible and accountable for training workers and have authority to enforce safe work procedures and practices on the job. Our supervisors will be given our safety rules and will not permit safety to be sacrificed for any reason.

Every employee has a responsibility to himself, his fellow workers, and the Company to practice safe work methods. In order for our safety efforts to be effective, communication and cooperation from all employees is necessary.

Our policy objective is to establish a comprehensive, effective safety program throughout the company. OUR EMPLOYEES ARE OUR MOST IMPORTANT ASSET and their safety and health receives our prime support and participation.


Employee Safety Policies and Procedures Booklet

The purpose of this book is to compile and reiterate safety rules and regulations to guide all employees in the performance of their jobs. The goal of Carr & Duff, Inc. is to provide our employees with a safe working environment. We achieve this goal by providing our employees with a copy of this safety manual, on-going training of safety procedures, and the proper use of equipment.

Safety is everyone's concern. For our Company to be successful, everyone must play an active role. But no matter how many rules are written, situations arise that require common sense. To a great extent, safety is a function of common sense. Therefore, by practicing these rules and applying common sense, we can accomplish our goal of an accident -free work force.

Accident prevention is the most important consideration in all jobs that we perform. Working safely benefits the employee by not placing un-do burden on himself and his family.

With the type of diversified work that we perform, it is unreasonable to expect one manual to contain rules addressing all field conditions. Common knowledge plays a major role in conducting our daily field activities safely. By practicing our safety regulations and using common knowledge, we can accomplish our goal of an accident free environment.

It is each employee's responsibility to read, understand, and follow the Company's safety policies and procedures. It is the supervisor's responsibility to know and enforce the rules and regulations. It is everyone's responsibility to work safely.

Our Booklet covers:

Our Commitment To Safety

The Safety Always Attitude

Safety Policy And Procedures Manual

New Employee Safety Orientation Topics

Substance Abuse Program

Commitment To Safety Training

Organizational Memberships