Switchgear Substation

Our maintenance programs division is well equipped with the knowledge and equipment for any kind of electrical system. From Transformers, and switchgear to substations- we maintain, repair and inspect them all. With the latest technology and know- how, we are prepared to test any mechanical system.

Switchgear / Substation

Carr & Duff, Inc. provides switchgear/substation de-energized testing services. De-energized testing includes, but not limited to, cleaning and insulation and contact resistance testing. In conjunction with the IR testing, these additional tests allow us to evaluate the overall state of your switchgear/substation.

Switchgear installed by contractors in the late 1960s and 70s to meet the increasing load demands of industry began to fail in the 1980s and 90s. These failures have been documented and are available in the IEEE and Doble Engineering Minute reports. This failure trend will continue in spite of state-of-the-art changes in construction techniques and installation methods unless preventative maintenance steps are taken.